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This Large Beer Bong slams your beer down fast, as it forces the beer to the bottom and the froth to the top.  Great for Party Games.

Beer Bong Instructions:

  • Close the valve on your Beer Beer Bong by turning the tap.
  • Ask a friend to hold the funnel up high with the hose hanging down after pouring beer into the funnel, whilst standing safely on a steady object like a chair, whilst you squat down low (Important:  keep the funnel and you in a straight line).
  • Wait a minute or so to allow the foam to travel up and the beer to travel down.
  • Cover the end of the tap with your mouth and release the valve and chug! chug! chug! whilst your friends sing:

"Here's to ........ he's/she's True Blue!

He's/She's a Piss Pot through and through.

He's/She's a Bastard so they say and he's/she's not going to heaven he/she went the other way!

He's/She's going down! down! down! down! down!...

Keep saying "down! down!" until the beer bong drink has finished.

If the whole drink is finished, then follow it up by singing:

"Hooray to ....., Hooray at last! Hooray to ....., He's/She's a horses ass!"Have fun!

Hint:  Run warm water through the tube to straighten out a bent tube.

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