Lava Motion Lamp Large Rocket Vintage Retro Light Blue Purple Pink Black Red New


Lava Motion Lamp Large Rocket Vintage Retro Light Blue Purple Pink Black Red New

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These Retro Design Lava Lamps are the perfect desk accessory lamp for your home or office and are powered via mains power (ac operation).  Lava Lamp Lights also look great as a bedside lamp.

The light warms the wax causing it to float through the liquid.

Assorted models below: 

Lava_Lamp_LP-MP54_Purple_PinkLPMP-54   - Casing: Purple; Lava: Pink; Liquid: Purple

Lava_Lamp_LP-112_Silver_Red_BlueLP-112 - Casing: Silver; Lava: Red; Liquid: Blue

Lava_Lamp_LP-192_Silver_Yelow_BlueLP-192 - Casing: Silver; Lava: Yellow; Liquid: Blue

Lava_Lamp_LP-113_-_Silver_Red_YellowLP-113 - Casing: Silver; Lava: /Red; Liquid: Yellow

Lava_Lamp_KLS292_Silver_Yelow_Blue_RocketKLS-292 - Rocket Casing: Black; Wax: Yellow; Liquid: Blue

Lava_Lamp_KLS212_Silver_Red_BlueKLS-212 - Rocket Casing: Black, Wax: Red; Liquid: Blue

 Lava_Lamp_KLS164_Silver_Pink_RocketKLS-164 - Rocket Casing: Silver; Lava: Pink; Liquid: Pink


NB:  Please follow the instructions carefully, as the first time used, the wax takes a long time to melt, therefore, it is important to be patient and resist from shaking the lamp, as this will cause the wax and the coloured liquid to mix, which will make the bottle contents cloudy.


Package Contents:  1x Lava Lamp Vintage Retro Desk Bedside Light 

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